Supervising, Guiding, Assisting, whatsoever…..

I assist student pursuing higher education in UK. I help them with academic writing, referencing, proof-reading and research methods. I guide them with research proposals and critiquing the literature.

I spend time with non-native and basic level English speaking individuals to learn the language precisely.

Locally, I help students with all aspects of business and management studies.

Writing, Editing, Blogging, Whatsoever…..

Apart from the above, I exploit my writing to develop web content and other blogs and guest posts. I am currently in charge of

I credit TUV Southwest ( for provided me with an opportunity to edit their contents as well. Theirs is a serious business with jaw dropping performances, and writing for them is an actual challenge cum achievement.

Currently I am called up on by other few local business entities to, edit their contents, business letters and report writing.

I am invited to do guest posts and other writing on topics like health, travel, culture. You can reach out for some of my latest pieces at:

My personal all time favourite topic has been culture. I wonder about what culture is and how it influences normal, social and corporate life. I will be updating this post shortly.

So….What Next….?

My love and respect for my home town, Chennai city has urged me to dedicate some of my talents for it. My website is under construction. I will be updating readers with our Chennai city in terms of employment, education, shopping, entertainment, and various aspects associated with living in Chennai.

My endeavour to knowledge sharing and helping the native opportunity lacking individuals will end after the launch of my website –

Through this website I will open door for you to reach me out on various professional and academic developments.